About OsteoKlinika

A Different Way of Practicing Manual Osteopathy

Andrew took the first step towards making his vision a reality by studying massage therapy at Kikkawa College. Next, he completed a 5-year program at the Canadian College of Osteopathy (CCO) and trained at the National Academy of Osteopathy (NAO) and National University of Medical Sciences (Spain).

He has worked for over 20 years between disciplines including physiotherapy, Manual Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic medicine, and sports medicine, treating people from all walks of life: athletes, the elderly, and children.

Over years of practice and diverse experiences, Andrew worked towards the goal of developing effective physical therapy of musculoskeletal dysfunctions by combining Manual Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Electrotherapy, and low-intensity laser technology (BioFlex Laser Therapy).

Andrew’s goal has led him to create OsteoKlinika, a physical therapy clinic where he combined all of his experiences into an integrative therapy catered to each patient's specific needs. BioFlex Laser Therapy was the latest addition to the Osteoklinika therapy program, helping patients regenerate tissue at the cellular level. Although Andrew’s experience in Manual Osteopathy and Massage Therapy did well at addressing patients’ pain management needs, the BioFlex Laser Therapy helps patients to recover much faster. The approach used at OsteoKlinika is unique in its effectiveness in rehabilitating the wide range of complex pathological conditions.

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Physical Therapy in Vaughan That Works

With the background in structural engineering, Andrew has an understanding of structural problems that few others in the field of pain management and rehabilitation have. While working as a structural engineer, Andrew decided to apply his engineering knowledge to his true passion – to start studying how the structure of the human body works and eventually to understand the dysfunctions that cause pain, inflammation, and restricted range of motion.