Testimonials from OsteoKlinika Patients

Read what existing patients have to say about manual osteopathy, massage therapy, BioFlex laser therapy, and other treatments.


Toronto, Ontario

I can’t thank you enough for having helped me with the chronic pain I was experiencing in my arms and shoulders due to a medical mishap that occurred about six years ago. With the first visit to your clinic early this year, you were not only able to relieve most of the pain but you also allowed me to regain movement in my arms, which is something I was not able to do in years. I was completely shocked that after seeing numerous doctors and being put on several different types of medication, you were able to help me without the use of drugs and without many visits. In June of 2014, I visited with you again with regards to a different matter. After being advised by one of the top neurologists at Mount Sinai Hospital that I had an acute case of carpal tunnel and that I would require surgery as soon as possible, you immediately took action again and with a few treatments by yourself and Stan (your associate), combined with some laser therapy, I was able to cancel my surgery date and stop taking the painkillers prescribed to me by the doctors I had seen at Markham Stouffville Hospital and Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital. Today, I am happy to report that I have regained almost 95% of the feeling back in my fingers and wrists and I have been able to remain surgery free. I am not quite sure how you do what you do but I consider you somewhat of a miracle worker. I have recommended you to several people I know who have been suffering with various ailments (ie: severe back, arm and foot pain) and they have all been extremely happy with the results you have given them.

Thank you again for everything you have done for me. I don’t think I could be living the quality of life I am living now without your outstanding and wonderful work.


Thornhill, Ontario

My niece Ashley suffered painfully from significant spinal curvature from scoliosis limiting her mobility. Hospital specialists left Ashley completely on her own with the following unhelpful advice: “Exercise more, no treatment is necessary and when your condition gets worse, you will qualify for surgery.”

Ashley saw Andrew when she was 14 during the critical window of time when scoliosis could still be improved significantly. By age 15, Ashley’s scoliosis curve was no longer noticeable. When I asked Ashley, now 17, how Andrew’s treatments changed her life, she said:

“My posture and mobility improved. My back pain and headaches are gone. The laser therapy healed my dislocated knee. My gym class grade improved from C to A. My proudest moment was when I dragged an 180 lb. the guy with a rope from one end of the gym to the other!!!”

Andrew’s treatments are extremely effective because he’s the only practitioner in Canada who skillfully combines osteopathy, massage, electrotherapy and low-intensity laser therapy. Andrew has that rare magic touch, intuitively performing osteopathy like a gifted artist.

Ashley’s younger sister Lauren, age 13 also went to see Andrew because her spine was significantly twisted to one side from scoliosis. Now Lauren’s spine is completely straight. Lauren often fell asleep during the massage part of treatment as soothing jazz, opera or classical music played in Andrew’s cozy office. If you have children with scoliosis, don’t wait until it’s too late – goes see Andrew now!

Larry L.

Thornhill, Ontario

I had been suffering from lower back pain for many years. The pain and primary discomfort were preventing me from doing the things I needed to do in my busy work life as well as my personal life where I enjoy regular exercise. After trying countless other therapists I was referred to Andrew Subieta. While I was initially skeptical Andrew helped got me back on track and able to enjoy the things I like doing most.

Ian M.

Thornhill, Ontario

I am a 73-year-old man still running my business. Unfortunately because of my right knee pain walking has become increasingly more difficult especially climbing stairs. I was advised by an orthopedic surgeon that I should have my knee replaced. I heard about Andrew through a friend. After 8 visits my knee became so much better that I don’t think about surgery anymore.

Barbara S.

Toronto, Ontario

I originally booked an appointment with Andrew because of my low back pain. During my first treatment, he explained more about what osteopathy can do. I mentioned that I had a problem with urinary incontinence and Andrew suggested treating me for that as well as my back. Although skeptical, I agreed. Imagine my surprise when a week later my symptoms had cleared up about 90%!

Thank you, Andrew!


Toronto, Ontario

Follow up with My doctor on an annual physical was excellent!!! Uric acid at 419, the norm is up to 480, June last year was 525 which makes sense as I was losing weight and weight loss increases level until the body flushes it out. He did 2 tests for inflammation and it is 0 which means I have no gout at all in my blood … So if I went in cold for the first time he would say I have no gout… HDL was 2.03 which is good stuff … Everything else from thyroid to B12 was perfect. … Said I am a poster child for his other patients of what is possible if you have gout… Said I should keep doing what I have been doing and suggested that in July he would expect the specialist will say I have been cured and need not see him again.

Thank you for your recommendation.

Nadira G.

Toronto, Ontario

Hello, my name is Nadira and I feel that I should share my good fortune with every who is willing to take a chance and get positive results. I went in to see Andrew with skepticism because I have had pain for 10 years or so. He took the time to explain what is involved and what it will take to get me in great form again. Again my skepticism. My first session was quite painful and that followed to the next day. I was observing the transformation and by the 3rd day, I received great relief from my pain. My shoulders that were constantly inflamed were 30% better and I can feel the difference. By the end of the week, I was eager to see Andrew. When I got in I did not wait for him to ask me how I was feeling, I blurted out “ask me how I am feeling?”. Then he asked me and I said “great!” The drastic change in my pain level was unbelievable. The second week there was more improvement followed by the third, fourth and fifth. To my astonishment, I feel normal. I am climbing stairs with no difficulty and I am running. This is a little hard but I am doing it. I feel literally stronger and I am not in pain every day.

My only regret is that I did not go sooner to see Andrew. Andrew is known to my friends and family as the “practitioner with magic fingers.” I am planning to take my kids for an assessment because if we can prevent what happened to me from happening to my kids then this is my reward. It is a quick appointment.

My advice to everyone is that if you are having pain, do not delay. The money you spent is well worth it. The relief is much better than all the money you have in your wallet.

It is better to go for a preventative assessment, just like you would go see your dentist.